I.e., e.g., et al, etc.


Ave atque howdy.

I’m a curmudgeon.  I’m lonely.  I’m surrounded by people who don’t know the difference between compose and comprise, media and medium, criteria and criterion, would have and would — UGH! — “of”.

Who don’t know that English has Germanic, Greek and Latin roots.  Who think that descriptive grammar is the way to go (the democratic way, apparently), and that prescriptive is too elite and arrogant.  Who don’t understand that we need to preserve those few remaining English words whose spellings and meanings and usage aren’t easy, obvious or predictable, because that’s what helps keep the language interesting (and minds from  rotting).

Who call every piece of writing an “article”, don’t know the difference between news and opinion, think all opinions are equal (and fungible), and think that the Internet has given us all a wealth of “information” choices.

In a word (to quote Gene Wilder), morons.

Who think that smooth jazz is jazz.  Who think that Liberal = Communist, GOP = patriotic, and down = up.  Who think that God answers prayers (even though they also say to Him, “Thy will be done”).  Who really don’t know that they don’t know much at all.

In a word (or two), fucking morons.  (Not her.  She’s one of my heroes.)

If you’re lonely too, then welcome.

I promise I’ll always do my best to make sense here, and to admit when I don’t know.  I can’t, however, promise to entertain you, console you, encourage you, or even be here with something all that often.  “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”, as Sam Clemens said.

I am, proudly, a Major League Asshole, and all that I do or say should be taken as homage to Bush and Cheney, who popularized that charming expression, in this kinder, gentler nation that George the Former gave us.

Res ipsa loquitor, y’all.


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